Who Are We?

MEN and BOYS. COULD THIS BE YOU?  Our physical ensemble process is open to men of all cultures, generations and genders who want to undertake a unique personal journey.

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The work is a practical inquiry – What does it mean to be a man today? and gives you opportunity to work with other men and explore what this question might mean for you.  At its roots it’s the beginnings of a dive down into exploring a lost rite of passage.

Deep Diving Men LAB is a fusion of practical research through the body and voice.  It’s also about developing trust to ask questions in safety and hear each other’s stories and voices . We’re planning ‘Pop-Ups’ in London to percolate the work, and an ongoing drop-in for men – PLAYGROUND –  to offer a regular ‘base’ and engage with community and in public spaces.

On the theatre/film side – we are not looking for trained ‘actors’, though you may be, but embodied, courageous men spanning generations and cultures with an awareness of performance. The LAB is evolving within a collaborative theatre/film framework.

If you choose to step forward – you’ll be open, inquiring, striving to be authentic and committed to undertaking a journey of practical process and personal inquiry, sharing, and possibly performance with the developing company. It is unique work.

Contact me duncan@deepdivingmen.com

 Where Are We Going? is our 4min teaser film documenting the opening steps of the scratch LAB work as theatre.

 “Those words that I don’t dare to say out loud came out your mouths and you expressed with your bodies emotions that I have mostly experienced alone… I had never experienced those emotions openly in a room full with people. You represented many sides of me and I feel honoured. It makes me feel that I am not alone and that there must be tons of men in many different places that feel the same way.” (John Martinez)

These scratches in May 2014 stimulated film, engagement with theatres and conversation. We’re passionate for  men and women to work together within this moving conversation.

nice still colour“I would love to see this work spread far and wide, touching hearts and souls everywhere it goes, opening space for inquiry and dialogue about the nature of masculinity & our relationship to it” (Beverley Drumm)

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