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Days with the Deep Diving Men


I’m in a circle lying on my back, our heads together, almost touching – then a silence for some time. As each man speaks there is a feeling of calm, an unshakable togetherness, a deeper and deepening trust holding us. It’s very rare, this time for men alone and together, this time for dropping down, time for removing the survival masks we wear each day just to get through as a man. Our words fall vulnerable and uncensored.

Brushing up against the edges, that’s where I am. I find myself standing on familiar yet untrodden ground and recalling these ridges, these places of creative discovery that once identified me; now they are portholes into a different movement and rhythm, not one completely unknown to me, but one with purpose; destination unknown, yet mapping secure.


So when Simon shows up with his inspiring fish-eye lens, Cedric with his grounded steadiness and Samson with his camera, there are suddenly more of us – an expanding circle of brothers. It’s an intense day, funny, and somehow inherently masculine as we explore the male journey in movement and words, tracking back through mythology and poetry.

Simon then very quickly put this brief work-in-progress film together before flying to Peru yesterday to film in an orphanage. It’s a small window as to what we’re up to; marking the time.

Join us in community to share the work, and for poetry and discussion at:

The DRAYTON ARMS THEATRE Sunday April 13th 7.30pm (South Ken) TICKETS here

The WHITE BEAR Monday April 14th 8pm (Oval) TICKETS here

The COCKPIT THEATRE April 21st 7.30pm (Bank Hol) Entry on the door.   M and C