Shoulder to Shoulder workshops are part of a widening community seeking to empower men and boys to be the compassionate, authentic leaders and role models society needs. Workshops provide structures for us to get together within a safe, creative environment – to be together as men, laugh, learn from each other and celebrate our shared masculinity.

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‘If you are seeking a safe creative space to meet together with other men, and find an opportunity to step from your existing physical and vocal comfort zone, these workshops are for you.’

So what happens?  “I didn’t have any idea what to expect from the workshop with Duncan. Although I spent time with boys/men when growing up, for most of my adult life I shied away from spending time with men – especially groups of men. The workshop helped me to find connection to the healthy masculine energy in a non-confrontational way which I was used to: competitive sports/violent confrontations. Through using our bodies, meeting in the space, and then acting we build a space of trust in the group. For the first time in a long while, I felt nourished and strengthened by the presence of other men. This led me to seeking and opening up to the possibility of creating new friendships with men. Since then I’ve attended Mankind Project – new warrior adventure for men, and I am in the process of organising a regular men’s group. I found Duncan’s guidance and the space he created helped a lot in my growth as a man.” (Pawel Wiacek)

What was your experience?  “I came to Duncan’s workshop, Shoulder to Shoulder, with a fire in my heart, a need and an urge to meet and be met, I left a blazing sun. I am not the easiest man to please and I have no interest in niceties or New Age hugs. Duncan held the space with a fierce compassion, a powerful clarity allowing every man to open and explore the boundary of their safety and the wilderness of true power just beyond. There is little that words can say in that place where the heart comes alive with a dangerous intensity, Duncan created and held that space for every man. To have taken part and shared this experience is one thing, to know that I will do so again at the next opportunity is a gift I look forward to, right now, I feel real, I feel alive” (Stephen Mills)DSC_0039fun picintimate group


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